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What if you could turn on your Sonos and listen to music in any and every room of your house. With a fully integrated multi-room audio system this dream can become a reality. Systems available range from the basic volume control panel and speakers system in every room through a fully interactive touch panel allowing for advanced user control and interface capabilities. Operation of these systems is extremely straight forward and our team of technicians will gladly walk you and your family through the use of your new system. Systems can be tied to Sonos, iTunes and networked media servers as well as streaming radio services like Pandora, Spotify and Apple Music. You can even select different music sources for each area of the house at the same time.



Video Solutions can be installed with the same ease of central point distribution. An inconspicuous closet can be wired to feed video stream throughout the house including satellite/cable feeds, internet based streaming video services like Netflix and Amazon Prime as well as NAS based video streaming of movies from your personal server stored movie collection.

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