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We live in technology driven world these days and it is affecting how we do almost everything.






In today’s technology driven world the home network is perhaps the most important wiring backbone necessary for the average family. Just think, when was the last time you were home where a TV wasn’t on, music wasn’t playing, somebody was surfing on a computer or one of your kids was playing a game? Never, right? Your home network is often overlooked because of all the other decisions you have to deal with and spend your budget on.


Some comments we hear most often from our clients, when they are in the process of building or buying a new home, are that they will surf the web or get their email wirelessly, so they won’t need a strong wired infrastructure or somebody to monitor or manage their home network. It is important to understand that a hard wired infrastructure is often necessary to support a good wireless system and buying your own cheap network is not a solution, but instead an even greater source of headaches.


Through a combination of new hardwired network ports and strategically placed Wireless Access Points (WAPS), Audio Video Solution can ensure that all devices in the modern connected home are taking full advantage of the available dataspace and help minimize interdevice interference and network slow down.

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